29 Apr 2016, Posted by Founding Franklin in Get To Know Bill Robling

This month I would like to suggest some reading materials. One of the things I like to do in this newsletter is to share new and interesting discoveries on the subject of history. If you can get access to the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol.CXL, No.2 (April, 2016), there is an interesting article this month entitled A Tale of a Whiskey Rebellion Judge: William Paterson, Grand Jury Charges, and the Trials of the Whiskey Rebels, by Linda Myrsiades. The Whiskey Rebellion was one of the first challenges to the authority of the new United States government under the Constitution, and this article shows how some officials established their new authority. Interestingly enough, it demonstrates Justice William Paterson’s interpretation of the Supreme Court’s power, well before John Marshall’s rulings in Marbury v. Madison.

Another article that reached my desk this week is in the May, 2016 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. It is entitled Traitors and Haters, and is written by Nathaniel Philbrick. It tells how Benedict Arnold’s betrayal nearly defeated the Revolution, not from without, but from within the American cause. It gives an interesting picture of Arnold’s actions and motives, the pressure from his wife Peggy Shippen’s loyalist family, and the loyalty of George Washington to Arnold right up to the end of the sordid affair. The description of other villains, especially George Reed and others in the Continental Congress is interesting.

As I did last month, I again recommend to you Benjamin Franklin in London, by George Goodwin. It is a comprehensive and revealing account of Franklin’s time in London.

As always, it is an honor for me to portray and interpret the life of Benjamin Franklin, and to share that life with you. I am available

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