American Revolution Museum is coming

25 Mar 2016, Posted by Founding Franklin in The Franklin You Thought You Knew

The new American Revolution Museum is coming to Philadelphia next year.

Meanwhile they are publishing wonderful historical articles.  Of note recently is a piece about a new book called Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring. It centers on The Culper Ring, a secret organization of agents who infiltrated the British Army in 1778, then tracked and reported on their movements and dealings.

In the summer of 1778 George Washington authorized the formation of a secret chain of agents known as the Culper Ring. Operating in British-occupied New York, this spy ring gathered and shared military intelligence on the British Army’s tactical operations using a coded language and a disappearing ink dubbed the ‘sympathetic stain.’ Those involved in the Culper Ring did so at great personal risk to their lives and honor–covertly traveling through occupied territory and swearing oaths of allegiance to the king–all the while passing information to Washington.

As one might expect for such a topic, the drama is built-in. These spies for Washington lived in constant danger of being uncovered by the King’s Army, to which they had pledged themselves. They adopted code names (one of the names: Samuel Culper) and aside from a very few, each operated as a lone wolf who didn’t know more than one or two of the other spies.

The article is a brisk and entertaining read, and can be found on their website  here.

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