23 Feb 2016, Posted by Founding Franklin in What's Happening


Well, folks, it is mid-February, and I do not have my usual list of Franklin activities to report. This is typically not the busiest of months for me as Dr. Franklin, but it is, nevertheless, a productive time. This slowest of months affords the opportunity for research and reading, and I cannot do justice to my work without that constant intake of information and insight into the life of Benjamin Franklin.

As you will see from my article on Franklin’s religious views in this month’s newsletter, there is always new information to be examined, as well as the wealth of existing information that I have not yet read. Doing historical interpretation the right way means feeding the “Franklin inside me”. It is always my intent when speaking as Franklin to speak his words and his thoughts, hence the never-ending search for knowledge and information

Thank you, and come back next month.

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