Bill Robling’s January 2016 Happenings

28 Jan 2016, Posted by Founding Franklin in What's Happening

Bill Robling’s January 2016 Happenings


January has been, as is usually the case, a time for catching up with Bill’s life, as opposed to Ben’s. Reading and research are crucial to what I do, and January is ideal for that. As I do not want my family to forget me, or think I have forgotten them, there were some lovely times this month.

January is also, however, Franklin’s birthday month, and last weekend and this weekend mean Historic Philadelphia’s Kites and Flights Tipplers’ Tours, where we take a historical and fun circuit of four taverns for food, drink and history. Last Saturday, on the Franklin Birthday Weekend, I greeted guest from all over the world at the Independence Visitor Center. Besides the obligatory portraits, I found many people eager to talk about Franklin and his life and times. It was a delight as always.

The holidays and the winter break are over, and I am excited to get back to what I most love, presenting Benjamin Franklin to anyone who will listen. Don’t worry, though, I still have some open dates. Don’t hesitate to call upon me.

Bill Robling/Benjamin Franklin

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